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Business Buyer Forms and Documents

Business Buyer Forms and Documents

Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality, Financials, etc

The three (3) forms below must be printed, filled out completely, and faxed, emailed or mailed to our office. Confidentiality is crucial to a successful business sale.

The most crucial of these three is the Non Disclosure agreement. A premature announcement of an upcoming sale jeopardizes both buyer and seller.
  1. A premature announcement of a sale enters the deal into the "Unknown Zone". Key employees - like managers etc, not knowing if they will get along with the new owners may flee to a more familiar situation elsewhere.
  2. These key employees have relationships with the employees they manage, and may take them along when they leave. This can also cause serious clientele flight where employees have an ongoing relationship with the clientele

Only after we receive this information will we be able to discuss the listings of Southern Mergers or any other listings we may have access to.

Your information will remain confidential with Southern Mergers and might possibly be shared with the Seller if he should request that if be disclosed.

Contracts with our clients require us to obtain this information from all buyer inquiries.

  1. Individual's Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Buyer Questionnaire for Individuals
  3. Individual's Financial Statement

If you are a corporate entity looking for an add-on acquisition, please complete the two (2) forms below:

  1. Corporate Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Corporate Buyer Questionnaire

If you are a private equity group and financial buyer, please complete the two (2) forms below.

Be sure to identify those businesses you currently own and may be seeking add on acquisitions.

  1. Private Equity Group Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Private Equity Group Buyer Questionnaire
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