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Professional Business Valuations

Professional Business Valuations

Business Valuations by a professional in your locale is the wisest first step in a business sale!

Most business owners can tell you the market value of their home on a moment's notice, but very very few can tell you the market value of their business!

Professional Business ValuationBusiness valuations may or may not involve real estate, and are "valuated" on far different criteria. A real estate appraisal does not factor in clientele, years in business, brand power, etc.

We do not require our clients to obtain a formal business valuation. This decision remains strictly with the business owner.

However, a formal "business valuation", by an independent third party, can affect your sale critically. If you undervalue, you'll sell quickly and lose much of your life's work. If you overvalue, you'll run off savvy buyers and sit on the market.

Southern Mergers can arrange for a local professional third party business valuation

A professional business valuation by a business valuator! The fee may vary depending on the extent of the work to be done in the appraisal and the size and nature of the company.

Business valuations are quite different than real estate appraisals.

There are many factors taken into account and the terms of a sale often have a bearing on the overall price. Currently, there is no published database, like Zillow, etc, for the listings of the sale of privately owned businesses.

Professional Business Valuations, arranged by Southern Mergers & Acquisitions!

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