The Selling Process

Assessing Your Company And The Market

  • What is the market for your business?
  • Who are the likely buyers for your business?
  • What is the best price and terms you are likely to receive?
  • Will there be a need for some owner financing?
  • Are there certain tax considerations to take into account?

We work with you to calculate the value of the business using our in depth  knowledge and practical experience. This value is a range of monetary offers we believe the market will likely dictate based on the type business and perceived risks by buyers. We want to learn what options may exist for future growth in the company as this will drive buyer interest and valuation. It is important to look at your business as if you were the buyer. What would he/she see, positively or even negatively? We study the key operating characteristics of your company, its market, and its competitors in order to identify key strengths, opportunities and risks. A deal will only be reached once both buyer and seller have agreed upon price and terms.

Marketing Your Company

Southern Mergers will screen hundreds of buyers, selecting only those we feel best meet the criteria for your particular business.  This process insures the highest degree of confidentiality.  One of a business owner’s most valuable commodities is his time—Southern Mergers only brings highly educated and financially qualified buyers to the table.  Often times, an owner has nurtured and grown his business for years or decades, and finding the “right” buyer is as important as finding one who will offer the best price and terms.  Our ultimate goal is to produce a buyer who meets all these criteria.


Maximizing the Offer

The key to obtaining maximum value for your company is Southern Mergers’ highly selective buyer screening process.  Our goal is to generate multiple, high quality offers.  We achieve this goal by vetting hundreds of buyers, understanding their motivation for buying your particular business, then allowing the marketplace to generate multiple competing offers, thereby driving up both the value and price of your business.

Closing the Deal

Once the buyer and seller have reached a meeting of the minds, there remains much work to be done before the deal closes.  There are normally a number of contingencies that a buyer will address via a due diligence period.  Southern Mergers works in conjunction with the sellers’ and buyers’ professional advisors during this critical time.  Language in closing documents may need to be negotiated or revised.  The buyer may need assistance obtaining a loan if there is a financing contingency.  Our Sellers and Buyers would agree that Southern Merger’s assistance during this vital period is key to closing the deal.

Packaging Your Business

We need to be able to tell buyers your story, both in summary and in detail. After a Confidentiality Agreement has been executed and the buyer has been financially qualified, information may be shared with the buyer. This may include the company history, customers, marketing strategy, products, services, operations, personnel (especially key employees), facilities & leasing, competition, growth opportunities, financial overview, industry overview and a number of other considerations..