Disclosure Forms

If you are an individual seeking to purchase a business, the three (3) forms below must be printed, filled out completely, and faxed, email or mailed to our office.

Only after we receive this information will we be able to discuss the listings of Southern Mergers or any other listings we may have access to.

Your information will remain confidential with Southern Mergers and might possibly be shared with the Seller if he should request that it be disclosed. Our contract with our clients requires us to obtain this information from all buyer inquiries.

  1. Florida Individual’s Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Florida Buyer Questionnaire for Individuals
  3. Florida Individual’s Financial Statement
  4. North Carolina Individual’s Buyer Confidentiality Agreement 
  5. North Carolina Buyer Questionnaire For Individuals 
  6. North Carolina Individual’s Financial Statement 

If you are a corporate entity looking for an add-on acquisition, please complete the two (2) forms below:

  1. Florida Corporate Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Florida Corporate Buyer Questionnaire
  3. North Carolina Corporate Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  4. North Carolina Corporate Buyer Questionnaire

If you are a private equity group and financial buyer, please complete the two (2) forms below. Be sure to identify those businesses you currently own and may be seeking add on acquisitions.

  1. Florida Private Equity Group Buyer Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Florida Private Equity Group Buyer Questionnaire
  3. North Carolina Private Equity Group Buyer Confidentiality Agreement 
  4. North Carolina Private Equity Group Buyer Questionnaire


You will need version 5.0 of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files above. If you have an earlier version or don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader at all, please click here to get a free copy.