Broker Recruitment – Career Opportunities

This may be the most exciting time ever to enter the field of Business Brokerage. According to present thought, a large percentage of the wealth in the United States is represented by the owners of small and mid-sized businesses who are currently anticipating retirement, and will require the assistance of a competent Business Brokers to transfer their most valuable asset to interested buyers.

The market for selling businesses is actually very active. About 90% of the businesses in the US are considered small business and have a huge impact on our economy as a whole. Large quantities of businesses change hands every year. We are continuously working with many excellent buyers. Many individual buyers are searching for small businesses, while strategic buyers are also contacting Southern Mergers about larger businesses. Financial buyers and many private equity groups continue to be very active in the market. Gladly, an abundance of money is still available within the current market structure, and Southern Mergers is equipped to help both buyers and sellers explore all options according to their particular needs.

We are members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and our staff members may obtain high level training at IBBA conferences that are offered semi-annually. We are always looking for mature professionals with a strong desire to succeed financially and a willingness to learn. Other traits a qualified candidate would include:

  • Integrity
  • Management Skills
  • A love of communicating and working with people
  • Persistence
  • Patience

Various fields that have often produced very successful brokers include:

  • Former business owners
  • Corporate Managers
  • Marketing professionals

As independent contractors, Southern Mergers brokers have the ability and freedom to direct their work schedules while generating an unlimited amount of income and experiencing the very fulfilling rewards of a professional financial career.

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